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Frequently Asked Questions

There are over an estimated 28 million uninsured people in the United States who require affordable prescription medications and other health care services. The cost of prescription drugs is prohibitive as prices in the United States are often 2-3 times more expensive than that found for the same product in other countries.

Over the years, we have heard many unfortunate stories from customers who have been forced to share, cut, trade or skip their medications to save enough money to buy even a small amount of what they need. In many cases, people are skipping meals and cutting back on their diet or dosages to pay or their medications. Our goal is to stop that from happening.  Our typical customer saves between $400 to $4000 a year!


What is Canadian Meds?

Canadian Meds is a locally, American, and veteran-owned pharmacy service in Brevard County, Florida. We are a member of two local Chambers of Commerce and have been in business locally since 2012. Our corporate office is located in West Melbourne, Florida. Our affiliate offices span the United States and we are growing every year.  Unlike many other “storefronts” in this business who have closed their doors, we continue to grow. We attribute this to our caring and dedicated customer service staff and a company that provides the very best medicine, convenience, and care.
What is the difference between a mail-order pharmacy and an online pharmacy?

A mail-order pharmacy is an licensed pharmacy with a physical location and licensed pharmacists who fill the prescriptions with due diligence that is required of a licensed pharmacist.  An online pharmacy can be simply a call center set up anywhere in the world that farms out prescriptions to any wholesaler or entity that offers the best price. Online pharmacy is NOT always a licensed pharmacy. Therefore they do not have all of the proper safety standards. These offer some incredibly low prices to get people to order, but they can have some very dangerous products.  This is particularly true if there is no prescription required.

Suppose the medicines are lost in shipping or damaged on arrival?

We guarantee all shipments. If your order is not delivered within our time frames, we will re-ship to you at no cost. If your order is damaged in shipping we will replace it at no cost. If you do not want it re-shipped again we will issue you a credit.  Your satisfaction is our highest priority.

Are all drugs sold in the US made in the US?

No. While a good deal of research and development is done in the US, most of the drugs are manufactured elsewhere and sent into the US and to other countries. Most of the generic drugs sold at your Big Box Stores are purchased from the same suppliers and factories that our pharmacies use.

Why do some drugs have different name or appearances?

The pharmaceutical industry will change the names of a drug for different countries so they can track where it is being sold and maintain exclusive rights to its global sale. They also change the color and shape of pills for different pills. For example, Nexium, “The purple pill” is the only pill with its distinctive size shape and color by patent law.

How do generics compare to bthe rand name and why are they available overseas and not in the US at the same time?

All of the generics we get are from manufacturing facilities that are approved to provide generics to the US market. Generics are available in other countries sooner than the US because the patent protections here tend to be much longer here than in other countries. Generics must be made of exactly the same active ingredient that the brand is made from. It can have a different binding ingredient but must be the same medication, and all drugs being manufactured go through the same stringent requirements as the brands.

What about all the counterfeit drugs that are becoming prevalent?

The pharmacies that we work with have strict quality control and operate to the highest standards.  All medicines that enter into their pharmacy system are obtained by licensed wholesalers, not brokers.  These are wholesalers licensed by the drug manufacturers to ensure product safety. The drugs are all manufactured in FDA or its equivalent agency inspected plants.  If plants or facilities cannot be inspected, their products are not sold to our clients at any time - SAFETY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN PRICE.