Save hundreds, even THOUSANDS of dollars each year on your prescription medications!

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The Process

Here is how you can start saving:

  • Prepare a list of all medications including the name of the medication, milligrams, and how many times a day you take each one.
  • Call for your complimentary consultation.  Additionally, you may submit the list to our office with your name, phone number, fax if available and email address.  We will prepare a quote with all of the pricing and return it to you either by fax, email, or regular mail.
  • Once you review the quote and are ready to order you will need to secure a prescription from your Doctor for each medication you want to order.  The optimum prescription should be written for a three month supply with three refills.  This will allow you to place refills for up to one year from the date the prescription was written.
  • Once you have secured your prescriptions you can personally bring them to our office, mail them via regular mail or email them.  Depending on the medication you could also have your Doctor’s office fax them to us.  You will also need to fill out a Patient Profile form.  The Medical Profile form contains basic personal information about yourself as well as shipping address and how you will be paying for the order. (ex. Cashier's check/Check)
  • Once we have all of the necessary paperwork we can then process your order and all medications will be mailed directly to your home, office, or a P.O. Box via the United States Postal Service per your instructions.  If you plan on travelling we will be happy to mail them to another designated address as long as the address is in the United States.
  • Please keep in mind you must allow at least THREE (3) WEEKS for delivery. Please make sure you have enough medication while waiting for your initial order to come in.

Learn More

Our consultations are absolutely FREE of charge, and take just a few moments.  Would it be worth a few minutes of your time to find out if you can save HUNDREDS, even THOUSANDS of dollars, like many of our clients? CALL NOW!

Medical Profile Form

Here is our Medical Profile form.  It only needs to be filled out once, but does need to be filled out COMPLETELY!  When returned by email, please send it to us in ONE file, and you will on your way to saving LOTS of money on your medication!